I. Love. Food.

Food is a driving force in my everyday life. Enjoying a variety of food is what gets me out of bed, and gets me through my day. I love to talk about food, I love to make food. I especially love to try my hand at different vegan and vegetarian recipes.

What I love more about food is when it’s simple, wholesome and delicious. When I cook, I cook in the most hassle free, time easy and simple way I possibly can. I believe cooking and being healthy should never take up your entire day.

While I would never classify myself as a vegan as I do eat meat and dairy products on a semi-regular basis, I believe that there are many benefits to eatings a plant based diet.

This is why I am the selective vegan. I respect the choices of all people in their diets and food choices, and choose to enjoy the benefits and luxuries of many types of diets.

I hope you try your hand at some of my recipes and enjoy your food today!