Sugar Free Challenge

31 Days of No Sugar

Hi, my name is Delia and I’m addicted to sugar.

We all know that sugar is bad for you. It contains ZERO essential nutrients, it’s high in calories (one tablespoon of sugar is 16 calories!), it wreaks havoc on your body (re: fatty liver disease, acne, cholesterol), it causes Type II Diabetes and it makes you fat. And even though I know all of this, added sugars are still a regular part of my diet.

SO, after taking a short vacation in Florida and consuming well over the recommended amount of sugar (why do vacations make you think you can eat whatever you want?), I’ve decided to TRY to cut the sweet stuff from my life, one day at a time.

Most people would start their journey on the first of the month. Well, I am not most people and it’s also already March 4. I refuse to wait until April 1 to get my life together. Life isn’t always perfectly planned and I’m choosing to embrace that.

So, here are the rules for the next 31 days.

1. No processed sugar allowed. This means no cakes, tarts, pies, cookies, chocolate bars, brownies, ice cream, alcoholic coolers, granola bars, flavoured yogurts etc. Pretty much if it says sugar, skip it.

2. 1 piece of fruit + 1 Banana is allowed per day (because I love bananas and I will never cut those out from my life).

3. Non-sugar baking or natural sugar baking, made by yours truly, is allowed, such as my Healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies.

4. Natural sugars (honey and maple syrup) are allowed in SMALL doses. AKA 1/2 TBSP to 1 TBSP.

5. 3 times over the course of this challenge I am allowed to call in a life. In other words, I know myself well enough to know that going 31 days without breaking is going to be difficult. This is a fail safe. If I absolutely must, I get to eat 2 pieces of dark chocolate (85% or more), 3 times.

6. I may add more rules as I go, to increase difficulty of challenge or because I thought of something else.

7. I will do my best to keep a food diary here daily, to keep myself accountable. In this diary I will keep track of what I ate, how I am feeling and what methods I am using to combat a craving.

So, wish me the best of luck. Here’s to the next 31 Days!


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